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So we were exploring an area on the galactic rim today and we came across this big (though not really by Cybertronain standards) black ship with weird arm things on the front. It transmitted a really strange, bassy sound and started interfering with The Thunderhead’s (my ship) systems. We fired a warning shot and then all these yellow lights on the front lit up and it fired some kind of energy beam at us.

We took down its shields with a single barrage from our fusion cannons. They surrendered pretty quickly. Turns out the ship was controlled by a fairly sophisticated AI, and didn’t know we were “technological constructs”. The ship apologised for the attack, and left. Our sensors show it head out of the galaxy into intergalactic space. 

It was a very peculiar encounter, though it is nice to know there are other cybernetic lifeforms other than Cybertronians. 

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